Welcome To Backup Computer Store

We are the single largest computer store in Rincon and provide service to the western coast of Puerto Rico. You may visit us in confidence as we do not charge for most computer diagnostics. You may see out display of computer hardware and accessories or just come in to ask for free advice.

If you are visiting you may come by and use our High Speed Internet Service to communicate with friends and family. We have scanner, printer, web cam and also fax services.

About Us

We started operations on July 2003 and have been providing the best and most sincere service to all of our customers.

We strive to provide our customers with the information they need to avoid mishaps and keep their systems up and running at the quickest time possible.

Most repairs are turned around by the next day and we always do everything possible to save all personal files, information and settings

We have a large repair facility and can repair up to 8 computers at a time. We carry all major high quality parts in our warehouse so most parts required for repairs are always on hand.